Body Treatments

We Offer:

Indian Head Massage:

Includes head, shoulders, arms, face and ears. Soothes, comforts and re-balances energy flow, Leaves one with the feeling of peace and tranquility. Ideal for those suffering from sinuses and headaches.


Full Body Hot Stone Massage (1h)

A speciality massage that uses smooth heated stones

Deeply relaxing, the heat of the stones helps release pent up tension and relax muscles


Clariifying Back Therapie / Brightening Back Therapie

This treatment suitable for acne prone skin /Brightening Therapy

  • Exfoliating / BHA Peel body scrub
  • Extractions
  • Stimulating 
  • Deep pore cleansing 
  • Soothing antibacterial mask /Brightening Mask

This treatment includes:


Exfoliating body scrub

Stimulating back brushing 

Deep pore cleansing 

Soothing antibacterial mask


The Sea Spa Glow (1h)

Sea Spa Glow, creates a deep pore cleansing from shoulder to toe, removing rough and dry skin and leaving it smooth and refreshed

 Salts are then removed and treatment is completed with a massage using Seaweed Body Cream.

A recommended treatment for sun damaged and dry skin.


Reflexology (1h)

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.


Full Swedish Body Massage


Back Massage


Facial Massage


Inch loss Body Treatment

The 8 Day Thyroid Thump (1hr)

~ Firstly the body is exfoliated with high levels of marine based products & essential oils
~ Seaweed & seawater solution is then massaged into the skin ~ The body is then wrapped in a heated blanket for 20 minutes
~ Because seaweed & seawater are high in iodine the metabolism is kick started into burning fat & reducing water retention.
~ This process continues to work in the system for up to eight days, hence “The 8 Day Thyroid Thump” ~ An average inch loss of between 6 & 12 inches can be expected


Inch loss Body Treatment

Mini-Mi Body Wrap

Minimi body wrap is a non-invasive treatment offering you a better body. The added anti cellulite ingredient will achieve a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite dimples, in addition to the inch loss.


Inch loss Body Treatment

Lymph Drainage

Get rid of fluid retention – 60 mins


Inch loss Body Treatment

Vibro Plate

A ten minute workout on a vibration plate, is equivalent to an hour in the gym and you can burn up to 350 calories!

Helps improve weight loss by reducing excess body fat
Prevents and reduces the appearance of cellulite
Increases circulation and oxygenates blood flow
Relieves tiredness
Stimulates alpine, enhances digestion
Known for decreasing toxins and the stress hormone – cortisol
Activates joints and soothes arthritis aches
Improves muscle tone and strength
Increases energy levels

Treatment time 10 minutes – €9.00
Course of 10 – €80

Inch loss Body Treatment

"The Ultimate Body Shaper"

Ideal for:

Toning abdominal muscles after childbirth.
Cellulite reduction.
Inch loss on hips, thighs & bum.

  • Single session 17 minutes €15
  • 30 minute workout €20
  • Course of 15 sessions €190
  • * All courses must be paid in advance

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To book an appointment please email or contact Assumpta via email or phone.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment please email or contact Assumpta via email or phone.